Dart Directors Handbook

This book gives information on many topics dart related and may be obtained at: which is the home of Big River Darts who have been selling darts and dart accessories since 1985  phone 563-243-2263   email: dart  (dot) guy (at) edarts (dot) net

  • Types of Tournaments
  • Selecting Match Formats
  • Types of Games to Play
  • Handicapping & Seeding
  • Electronic Darts
  • Running Pub Tournaments
  • Organizing & Operating a Dart League
  • Examples of League Bylaws, Rules & Regulations
  • Examples of Forms Used in Operating a League
  • Single/Double Elimination Tournament Brackets

This is  most informative book concerning dart leagues/tournaments. The book is well written and jammed full of useful information that every league or tournament director would find useful (over 120 pages). For those of you that either don't know how to draw up tournament brackets or are just tired of doing so, this book comes with double elimination brackets up to 40 teams/players, this alone would make the book worth buying for many tournament directors.

If you're hunting for a book with tips on how to throw, game strategies, what darts to buy, etc., read the title of the book again. :-)

If you run or are planning to start up a league or a dart tournament, buy this book! Even if you already have an established league/tournament, you will find this book very useful. It has a lot of ideas and hints that you may not have thought of that can make your job a lot easier.