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Registered version of Visual Darts V1.02.04
Download page


  arrow-red-small.gif (98 bytes)Click Here to download ...The FREE version.(No hidden charges)
Version1.02.04 of visualdarts.exe as one complete file size 8.3MB    
Reg Version 1.02.04 now available Free,

If you are viewing this page you will have received your email with the passwords.Thank you for sending your game formats.

For years I have given the program away and have politely asked
users to send me their game formats, regrettably only one in a hundred
have responded. I am on my own and no-longer                                                                                                         have the time to respond to all the emails without game formats.



For version 1.02.04 and 1.02.08 to function you MUST set the date to DD/MM/YYYY
The program is hard coded for this as Microsoft changed their active x after the program was written.

.Note: The program is all hard coded and any attempt to open the .mdb file
will cause major errors in the program and any data entered will be lost and
program will fail to operate correctly. In that event delete the program and reinstall thus creating a new database.







  (LATEST AND FINAL UPGRADE )     ReadmeFirst Click Here
Upgrade V1.02.08   
2.11 mb(zip file) Includes all bug fixes and latest designs to date. For only US$9.95

Try the Free version first and if satisfied I recommend you go for the 1.02.08 upgrade.

THIS  WILL AUTOMATICALLY UPGRADE VERSION 1.02.04 (the free version)  TO  V1.02.08  .This upgrade version is $9.95 and has the latest features and bug fixes.

By clicking the 'Buy Now' button you will have the option to pay by credit card or Pay Pal. You don't have to be a PayPal member to pay with paypal. You will receive your download link for the upgrade by email within 30min to 24 hrs  If any longer email 


When installing the Version 1.02.08 upgrade patch   you will get a message saying this
file already exists " Do you wish to replace it"  Click on YES You are then  Upgraded.
If you downloaded the free version you will be prompted to input the username and password again (as below)

The username and password are case sensitive
You may select your own Username and Password once you enter.
UserName : RegUser
Password: RegUser

As this is an upgrade you will not have to input your Key Code and RegKey.

TIP ............. Print the help files.
PS Print out the Help files there are about 40 pages you will find it easer to follow when your starting out.

Also make sure you fill in ALL the fields in the "Maintenance" file before continuing as many of the fields

call on information that is entered in the Maintenance and if it is not there will create a error 404

Upgrade patch V1.2.8 fixes ALL KNOWN BUGS TO DATE to date and with added enhancments.