REGISTERED VERSION 1.02.04 is now FREE.   

So do not email me for help, Just follow the instructions in the HELP file.

There is an upgrade  available with all the latest bug fixes and heaps of
new features and layout. I have made it available for $9.95

The FREE version 1.02.04 must be installed first and the upgrade will install over it.

I am being forced to charge a few dollars for this upgrade  (which has the bugs removed.)  as
it is taking up far to much of my time sending the KEYCODE and REGKEY to users.

Reg Version 1.02.04 now available Free, The KeyCode and RegKey will be sent to you
when I receive your game format
1. how many players in a team game many games of 01 do you play and what ere they (ie. 501 801 etc)
3 .your point awards for certain achievements.
4. If you play cricket in with your 01 games (details as per #3)
6. anything else you may consider relevant.

For years I have given the program away and have politly asked
users to send me their game formats, regrettably only one in a hundred
have responded. I am on my own and no longer have the time
to respond to all the emails.

In the last 11 months
I have sent out over3000 REGKEYS. to darters all over the world.The small charge for the upgrade
will help pay for the site and my time.   If you are a serious darter don't miss out on this upgrade.
It will make your record keeping so much easer, depending on how you set the Program you
could even record every dart and do a print out  list of how many 20's 18's  5's or even ones (1)

We created this program many years ago and there has never been anything even close to it.
we are developing another program even better but ill health had caused many delays.

If you purchase this upgrade please allow time for me to send you the download link
which could be anything from 1hour to 24 hours

Thank you for choosing Visual Darts as your "league stats program" (automatic darts recorder.)

Here is a tip if you want to practice with the program, save the .mdb file this holds the info. then place this mdb file
into another duplicate setup you can then experiment and mess it up as much as you like.

After each weeks data input, copy the .mdb file to the duplicate site and you then have
new data to play with will also act as a backup.

Also if you require help on and particular screen set up press F1 and you will get help
and an image display of what you should do.

Use with XP  vista or and earlier windows versions, has not tested with vista or Win7
However we have received reports this does works ok on vista and Windows 7 Ultimate  32bit

There is a work around if you are running a Win7 x 64bit system.
Create a virtual directory with a program such as VMware and install win xp in that, then install visualdarts
in to it .  It works as I have done it.